What is MLG?

After the sheer number of people who left Halo during Reach, Halo 4 was a death blow for an already small community. Fans tried and tried but no one could find a way to make competitive Halo 4 fun and balanced. “And then yet again they also didn’t give us a real ranking system that we could see like they saying that we couldn’t do it. And they took forever to fix the bolt shot and the maps were kind of iffy and they still had sprint and the four shot BR came like six months later.” In MLGs absence other tournament organizers rose up to fill the gap. Arena Gaming League ran tournament between 2012 and 2013 but collapsed amidst allegations that employees in tournament winners weren’t being paid. “They’re like, “Oh yeah we’re gonna have f*cking Halo 4″. And then oh wait three weeks before people have already bought team passes for Halo 4. F*ck you we’re switching to Halo 3. No refund f*ck off right? And then they cancelled the event because Ebash, which is where they were trying to hold it in Indianapolis wasn’t even created yet it was still being built and Brad just decided to market it and pocket that money.

It is important to know all the way up to AGL 10, Brad played favorites with who he paid out. Besides a select few no one no one got paid dating all the way back to AGL 6.” All that were left were the hardest of the hardcore playing in small grassroots tournaments attempts were made to move back to older games the way that Super Smash Bros Melee has survived more than a decade after its launch but the community was already too small to sustain a further fragmentation. Halo was well and truly dead. But there is a happy ending to this story in 2014 343 put out the Master Chief collection along with a port of Halo 2’s multiplayer mode which brought a lot of lapsed pros and fans back into the scene. “It’s extremely smooth it felt very clean and the 60 frames per second all that sprint was taken out of the game which means a lot more setup based game types are being played.” (Casting)

The game wasn’t perfect, and took a long time to get fixed but it was a step in the right direction one that 343 followed up with Halo 5 just a year later. Halo 5 replaced armor abilities with spartan abilities, always on traits that every player had constant access to with the option to turn individual powers on or off for competitive play. It got back to default starts back to solid map design and away from killstreak gimmicks trimmed from CoD. It was a return to form. “The shooting is definitely really really like easy but the movement makes it much harder to shoot than like any other like Halo I feel like. And then plus MLG coming back they run events so well it’s a blessing to have MLG it’s crazy. MLG events are events one of a kind.”