Slots And Our Brain

There’s a market applies to enjoy that you know but this is it’s not going to deter us from our grand scheme of making and you know building our issue of high volatility because that’s yeah so it was it was not to broaden your portfolio was its broad broaden like to have a few games that are maybe not as listening to our walkway is saying what you know what they want in terms of our back catalogue which is you know they don’t need anything that we really brought forward into mobile from our back castle there’s obviously gold which is another music licensed products which is it’s got a grateful and it’s it’s a you know it’s a three by five standard products that you know people can play introduces them to big time on a very basic level and yeah we’ve got we haven’t got plans to do anything else. Read about how every single spin affects you at CasinoSlots.

Really in terms of the back out other than you know building the engine improving the engine one question and we’ve been into this I think an audacity so well but if does it matter if let’s say we get a bonus in danger does it matter what your shoes issues high-voltage or gates of hell he basically is spinning you know you just can’t go it’s just like any random spin you’re gonna get result yeah obviously it’s multiple results it’s certainly not predetermined it sends a server requests every spin so you could get absolutely anything that I’ve seen nothing there’s a lot of immediate certain streamers you know playing the game and and talking it up being good there’s a lot of streamers that say you know now I’ve had that time sixty-six with four skulls that start my feature I’ve had my massive win I’m not gonna get any other wins and they think that it’s just dead spin I can do whatever that’s not true you could you know I mean theory you know no.

I’m not saying statistically but in theory you could hit that now every single spin because it’s it’s got no memory you know just it goes they pull out this way and pull out that way it’s just it’s just a feeling in a sense you know yeah they’re all tuned for happening factor yeah I put on my tinfoil hat at times I said this is this is crazy but then I know that if you play as much as I do and many others you’re gonna get so many outcomes and basically can draw all right this happened here and this happen we basically can correlate it in you will correlate it in your brain so and I mean this is my sinful half goes out sometimes as well this has been a bit tricky with us at the moment it’s like um you know it’s been a bit we don’t even get any any heart Stoppers now no   this is this is yeah this is the dark side of danger you know.