Multiplayer In Halo

I vividly remember not enjoying the multiplayer for three main reasons. Number one, the maps. Number two, the weapons and number three, armor abilities.” Reach had several problems equipment was replaced by armor abilities. Abilities included active camouflage which made you completely invisible. Armor lock which made you invincible before releasing a pulse and damage and jet pack which let you fly. “And then there’s bloom there was sprint there was there was armor lock that was in the first MLG tournament, there was jet pack and all that stuff does not belong in Halo Thanks to a new bloom mechanic, full auto had no spray pattern it was entirely random accuracy meant stopping which was a far cry for the way top players had experienced Halo in the past. “There’s so many things that are wrong with this game that can be fixed in a very small amount of time and that needs to happen during this four month offseason that we’re gonna have with MLG, okay.” Bungie and later 343 Halo’s new development team eventually let players turn off bloom and armor abilities and even let them have default starting load outs, but by then the game that competitive reach players were experiencing was so far from what the average player was playing that they weren’t even the same game.

They still ran reach but it was second to Starcraft 2 and League of Legends which were quickly picking up steam in North America thanks to strong development support. MLG only ran a handful of reach events but the community shrank alongside their game and MLG had to remove Hslo as the flagship game on their circuit. “The halo was just is just headed down man.” But if Reach shrank Halo’s community then it was Halo 4 that truly killed it. “We’ve really focused on trying to craft these moments that live up to the legacy of the Halo experience.” “We’re working within the constraints of what makes Halo Halo but trying to make every aspect of it bigger and better. 343’s first foray into developing a Halo game of their own was something of a disaster on all fronts. The game sold 4.79 million copies but the disappointing single-player was coupled with an absolute a mess of a multiplayer experience.

There was no online ranked play the launch maps were terrible and not only were armor abilities still around they were part of the unpopular loadout system from Reach. “There has been something done to this game that wasn’t enjoyable the matchmaking experience has to be better. The game has to be more fun and obviously you know I’m gonna sit here and ranks, spectator mode, make the game not suck go back to the formula. The online experience has to be better you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for your matchmaking experience when Halo 2 when halo 3 both paved the way for this. It just wasn’t Halo anymore MLG ran exactly one Halo 4 tournament the week the game came out leaving a lot of people to question exactly how legitimate it was given there were accusations that some players had access to the game early.