What is MLG?

After the sheer number of people who left Halo during Reach, Halo 4 was a death blow for an already small community. Fans tried and tried but no one could find a way to make competitive Halo 4 fun and balanced. “And then yet again they also didn’t give us a real ranking system that

Multiplayer In Halo

I vividly remember not enjoying the multiplayer for three main reasons. Number one, the maps. Number two, the weapons and number three, armor abilities.” Reach had several problems equipment was replaced by armor abilities. Abilities included active camouflage which made you completely invisible. Armor lock which made you invincible before releasing a pulse and damage

Halo In Esports

Halo 3 cracked 14 million copies sold blowing its predecessor’s out of the water and throwing MLG’s events into an even higher gear. Every Halo tournament MLG ran gave it over $50,000 in prize money, higher than anything in NA at the time with annual $280,000 championships (Casting) MLG quickly became the biggest esports tournament

Slots And Our Brain

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